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On the Christmas Eve rescuers inspect churches and temples for fire safety

Published: 10.01.2021, 09:18

Rescuers are stepping up preventive work in religious buildings, communicating with the abbots of churches and temples, as well as the faithful people to prevent as many dangerous events inherent in the winter. Traditionally, during the Christmas celebrations, the risk factors increase. This is what the specialists of the Rescue Service told during the preventive tests.

In particular, on January 4, in Volyn, rescuers from the city of Novovolynsk conducted briefings with clergy to prevent fires in churches during the preparation and conduct of Christmas services. On the same day, officers of the Kovel City District Department together with employees of the Kovel Police Department of the Main Department in Volyn Oblast conducted a survey of the fire protection of religious institutions in Kovel and Kovel District, namely the Church of the Holy Martyr Anatoliy Kovelsky, the Church of Seraphim Sarov and Temple of Christ Resurrection.

In Cherkasy region on January 4, inspectors of the Department of the State Emergency Service of the region carried out educational and explanatory work among representatives of religious organizations of Chyhyryn district. Rescue workers drew attention to safe behavior when using open flames, the availability of primary fire extinguishers and the condition of evacuation routes.

At the same time, in order to prevent accidents during festive services in Luhansk region, specialists of the Svativka City District Department of the SES visited the Holy Dormition Church, the Holy Intercession Parish of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine and the Church to the Icon of the Mother of God "The Grower of Crops". Specialists of the Severodonetsk city administration conducted a similar raid in the religious buildings of the city and the district.

In general, preventive work aimed at ensuring fire and man-made safety during the preparation and holding of celebrations during Christmas is carried out in all regions of Ukraine.

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