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Firefighters urge citizens to follow the rules of operation of heating equipment at the time of heating the houses!

Published: 04.11.2020, 14:07

The decrease in temperature encourages citizens to more actively use heating equipment to heat their homes: electric heaters, stoves, gas appliances and more. At the same time, in the autumn-winter period, the statistics of fires in the housing sector increases many times, which is often caused by people ignoring the rules of fire safety. The consequences of such negligence can be quite negative.

So, the tragic event happened on November 4 in the Cherkasy region: in the village of Vyazivok of the Horodyshche district there was a fire in the living house. Rescuers arrived at the scene promptly. During reconnaissance, firefighters found the bodies of three persons in the house: two elderly people and a three yearold child.

During the past 24hrs, on November 3, there have been 50 fires in the residential sector!

In Odessa oblast, on November 3, the rescuers received a report from the "103" Service of two deaths in a private house in the village Chabanske of the Bilgorod-Dnistrovsk district. When rescuers arrived on the scene, they found that there was a fire in the house, which was extinguished by self-extinguishing on an area of 25 square meters. The bodies of two victims born in 1938 and 1969 yerars were found at the scene of the fire. The probable cause of ignition is an emergency mode of operation of the electric heating device.

In Zhytomyr on November 3, the Rescue Service "101" received a report of a fire in a one-room apartment of a nine-storey residential building. At the scene, SES officers found that the fire was in the hallway of the apartment on the ground floor. Households were burning and smoldering there, cluttering the whole house. During reconnaissance by two units of the gas and smoke protection service, the 52-year-old owner of the apartment was found on the kitchen floor. Rescuers immediately took her out into the fresh air and called medics. The previous cause of the fire was

To reduce such negative statistics, emergency workers are carrying out preventive raids in the housing sector.

For example, in Volyn oblast on November 3, emergency workers of Kamin-Kashirsk district carried out explanatory work among the residents of Soshychne JTU on the rules of fire safety in the autumn-winter period. Rescuers instructed on the rules of using stove heating, electric heaters, urged to be careful when handling fire and hide matches from children. Civil defense specialists pointed out to the citizens the violations of fire safety requirements and explained their danger, handed out leaflets and memos to citizens on the safe operation of electrical and gas appliances, furnace heating.

In Luhansk Oblast, rescuers of Novoaydar conducted a preventive raid on fire safety in the home. They urged people to closely monitor the switched on electrical and gas appliances in the house, not to leave them unattended when leaving the house. Emergency workers told citizens about the fires that occurred this year, the consequences they caused, and explained the cost of simple human negligence.

In Donetsk oblast in the city of Sviatohirsk on November 3, firefighters also told citizens how to protect their homes from fires during the heating season, how to safely use furnace heating and electric heaters. Rescuers, while communicating with the owners of private households, drew attention to strict compliance with safety rules when using stoves and electric heaters.

Dear citizens, be careful when heating your homes. To save your own life and the lives of those close to you, remember:

- do not use uncertified and self-made heating appliances and gas stoves for heating;

- in case of use of serial heating devices, install them in such a way as to avoid overturning, also limit access to them of children;

- maintain the distance from electric heating appliances to combustible materials and structures;

- follow the rules of fire safety when using individual heating systems and stove heating systems in homes;

- do not leave unattended in the event of leaving the premises connected to the mains heating appliances, TVs, irons, etc .;

- try to avoid overloading electrical networks, do not turn on household appliances of significant capacity at the same time;

- do not allow the use of self-made uncalibrated fusible inserts in electric fuses;

- keep lighters and matches out of the reach of children;

- Never encourage or allow children to play with matches and lighters and consider them toys;

- You must have primary fire extinguishers available.

In case of fire, smoke, gassiness, collapse of structures of buildings and structures, explosions of technological equipment and devices - call the Rescue Service at "101"!

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