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In the fight against the spread of Covid-19 in Ukraine, rescuers of the SES have carried out special treatment of more than 53 thousand objects and 45 thousand km of roads

Published: 18.06.2020, 12:17

Comprehensive work is underway to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in Ukraine. In cooperation with local authorities, rescuers disinfect social facilities, transport, disinfect roads, sidewalks, etc.

So, only during the last day, on June 16, divisions of the State Emergency Service were involved 67 times in measures for prevention of spreading of COVID-19.

In particular, in Volyn, the staff of the 1st State Fire and Rescue Unit of Lutsk, the Department of the State Emergency Service in the region disinfected 10 porches in five multiple apartment buildings in the regional center.

In the Kherson region, rescuers disinfected 33 objects. These are public transport stops, hospital areas, entrances to shops and churches.

Officers of the 6th State Fire and Rescue Unit of the Main Directorate of the State Emergency Service in Donetsk Oblast disinfected 34 public transport stops in Slovyansk and 3 buildings of the Selydiv, Oleksandrivsky and Velykonovoselkivsky police departments.

In turn, Ternopil specialists of the Rescue Service treated 25 km of roads of the region with a special solution.

A total of 226 objects and 73 vehicles and 44.5 km of roads were specially treated during the day.

In total, since the beginning of the implementation of anti-epidemic measures, the SES has already treated 53 144 objects, 43 197 vehicles and 45 445 km of roads.

In addition, it is mandatory to treat the premises and fire depots, as well as to ensure daily temperature screening of personnel.

Dear citizens!

For your safety, as well as to prevent the spread of viral infections among the population, the Rescue Service urges you to strictly adhere to lockdown and antiviral measures!

Consciously and responsibly listen to the warnings of emergency services, take care of your safety and the safety of others!

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