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Rescuers of the Donetsk region continue to help people who cross the demarcation line at entry-exit checkpoints

Published: 11.12.2019, 10:17

Winter brings a considerable decrease in the air temperature. That’s why the procedure of crossing the demarcation line at entry-exit checkpoints in the Donetsk region has become more complicated. It’s not an easy task to cope with long road and lines at the checkpoints when the air temperature is below zero. The greater part of visitors are pensioners and seniors. Moreover, very often families with little children, pregnant women, and people with disabilities have to cross the demarcation line, too. In order to minimize the negative impact of weather conditions and to make the process of crossing the demarcation line more comfortable, rescuers of the Donetsk region are on duty 24 hours a day at entry-exit checkpoints.

Since 1 December all entry-exit checkpoints work in the winter regime. Their working hours were decreased, yet, the number of citizens who cross the demarcation line is still very large. In tents of SESU, citizens can not only find shelter from cold wind but also drink hot tea, have a rest after the long road and get acquainted with useful information about the main rules of safe behavior. During the conversations with citizens, rescuers pay special attention to the rules of safe behavior in case of finding explosive objects.  


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