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Rescuers of Donetsk Oblast participated in a round table on mine action

Published: 31.10.2019, 09:47

Mine safety of the population is one of the priorities of Donetsk rescuers. Due to the long term combat activity in the territory of our Oblast, no one can name the number of explosive objects that remain undetected and undamaged. That is why it is very important for every citizen to know well what an explosive object is and what to do if it is detected. Rescuers of the Main Department regularly carry out mine safety prevention measures with both the adult population and the younger generation.

On October 30, rescuers of the Main Department of the SES of Ukraine in Donetsk Oblast took part in a roundtable on "Communication approaches to informing about the danger of unexploded ammunition for different target audiences in affected citizens" held in Pokrovsk. Together with representatives of OSCE projects in Ukraine, Geneva International Center for Humanitarian Demining, Ministry of Temporarily Occupied Territories, UNDP, HALO Trust, DDG/DRC, ICRC, NGOs, educators and local government officials, participants discussed the issues at the event on preventive work on mine danger in the territory of the region. The attendees concluded that only joint efforts can achieve maximum results.

Thanks this event, Rescue Service professionals have increased their awareness of the basic principles that underpin effective communication about the risk of explosive items.


The OSCE Project Coordinator in Ukraine, in conjunction with donor countries, is working to strengthen the capacity of the humanitarian mine clearance of areas contaminated with explosive objects. The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, and the Ministry of Ukraine on Temporarily Occupied Territories and Internally Displaced Persons are the beneficiaries of this project. At the same time as the capacity of public authorities has increased, many international and national mine action NGOs have started operating in Ukraine and are engaged in mine action in the most affected areas.

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