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A meeting with the members of the Certification Commission for recertification of the Ukrainian Search and Rescue Team of the heavy class in the INSARAG system took place at the SES of Ukraine

Published: 05.09.2019, 09:33
On September 4, Deputy Head of the SES of Ukraine Ruslan Biloshitsky met with members of the Certification Commission for recertification of the Search and Rescue Team of heavy class of the Mobile Rescue Center of the SES of Ukraine in the system of UN International Search and Rescue Advisory Group -  INSARAG.

The Commission, led by Anika Koll Erickson, became acquainted with the emergency response system in Ukraine, the activities of the Mobile Rescue Center of the SES of Ukraine, in particular, with the structure and portfolio of the heavy class Search and Rescue Team class HUSAR MRC Ukraine.

Ruslan Beloshitsky noted that during the 5 years since the certification of the Ukrainian team in 2014, the SESU, together with the mentor of the State Fire Service of the Republic of Poland, Marcin Kedro, have carried out considerable preparatory work for the upcoming recertification.        

" Strengthening the team's preparadness to respond to international emergencies, improvement of its structure,
rescuer 's professional development, as well as strengthening the material and technical base were among the main tasks for our Service," he emphasized.

In reply to the questions from members of the Commission about the level of financing of rescuers in the context of the situation in the East of the Country, Ruslan Beloshitsky said that the they managed to maintane team's operational capability, in particular, due to 5 million hryvnias allocated
by the Government for the needs of the MRC SR.

During the meeting, participants also discussed the personnel, financial and logistics
issues, and also discussed the scenario of 36-hour external recertification exercises.

Let`s remind that on September 5 Ukrainian rescuers will reafirm their readiness to organize and to carry out search and rescue works in accordance with the standards of the international INSARAG system.

Within a 36 hours, the full range of activities to engage the Search and Rescue Team of 
MRC SR to the elimination of the consequences of an earthquake in another country will be worked out: from asambly of personnel by alert, going through customs and border procedures to deploying a base camp in an affected country and participating in an international rescue operation.

The work of Ukrainian rescuers will be evaluated by international experts from 11 countries.

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