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The SES has held a final meeting with the mentor of the Heavy Search and Rescue Team HUSAR MRC of Ukraine

Published: 19.08.2019, 09:22

From August 13 to August 16, the State Fire Service of the Republic of Poland had a working visit to Ukraine to observe the preparation of rescuers of the Mobile Emergency Response Center of the SES of Ukraine for international recertification within the UN INSARAG system.

The agenda of Marcin Kedry, the mentor of the Ukrainian heavyweight search and rescue team, stay envisaged introduction of the Polish delegation to readiness of the rescue team, participation as observers in 36-hour field exercises, as well as reviewing the reporting documentation, and providing practical guidance in case of drawbacks detection.

On August 16, the SES held a final meeting with the mentor and the leadership of the Service and representatives of the Mobile Rescue Center.

Marcin Kedra noted that the Ukrainian team as a whole demonstrated a decent result and is ready for successful recertification.

“Of 134 points that have to be gained during recertification, 90% have been achieved today. And this is a good result,” the mentor noted.

In his turn, Oleh Melchutsky, the First Deputy Chairman of the SES, stressed that those 10% who need adjustment will surely be achieved in two weeks remaining before the certification. He thanked the representatives of the State Fire Service of the Republic of Poland for the assistance and noted that the Ukrainian team was only focused on a positive result.

Reminder. Rescuers of the MRC of RR of the SES are the only team in Ukraine that passed the process of certification in 2014 in compliance with international standards and will confirm its status this fall.




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