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Arsen Avakov in United States Institute of Peace presents strategy of de-occupation of Donbas -'The mechanisms of small steps'

Published: 13.02.2019, 14:02

On February 12, at the round-table conference in the Institute of Peace (Washington, USA) Arsen Avakov said Russia has been leading the hybrid war against Ukraine for five years now, and none of the current means of the active phase of the aggression and returning Ukrainian territories to its composition are working.

That’s why the Ministry offers new mechanisms that would help bring the militant-occupied areas of Donbas back.

“Our strategic mission are to restore Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity. We offer a new format that needs the support of the world community. We called our strategy of de-occupation and reintegration of Donbass "the Mechanism of Small Steps", because we believe that one can only achieve the desired result step by step, "Arsen Avakov said.

He stressed that the introduction of the new strategy is preceded by a preparatory stage - the formation of the necessary legal framework, the introduction of a communication strategy, the definition of the status of the Special International Peacekeeping Mission, the establishment of monitoring programs, advisory and resource assistance.

"We do not have a conflict on a religious basis, there is no conflict on an ethnic basis. The conflict in Ukraine is imposed from the outside. Therefore, the peacekeeping mission, which will work, should be focused on it, as well as work together with Ukrainian law-enforcement officers and representatives of local communities ", Arsen Avakov emphasized.

The minister explained that the Strategy envisages that a demilitarized security zone would be created on a selected area of the occupied territories. All military formations on both sides are allocated for a specified line. The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, with the support of a special international peacekeeping mission, takes control of the designated area of the territory and its borders. The rule of law and lawfulness are provided by the forces of the National Police, the National Guard of Ukraine and the monitoring mission. "Local elections are held in this territory. The main principle is the observance of Ukrainian legislation and ensuring free expression of will. The work of all state institutions, law enforcement agencies of Ukraine is restored, security and law and order, social security, education, financial sphere, and decent living standards are restored, "he said.

Arsen Avakov stressed that after the return of control over the territories, the environmental problems of the region are solved immediately. "When people will see that the Ukrainian government with the Ukrainian flag has come, it has created transitional compromise conditions, provided the proper quality of life and security for these people - all other territories step by step will return to Ukraine", - said the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The Minister stressed that the process of de-occupation in the first two territories could last from 6 to 8 months.

"After we successfully carry out the first five steps, we will be able to say about others as well. It depends on the quantity of our resources - from the number of peacekeepers and funds for the restoration of our territories. As to the difference between my plan, the OSCE plan and others. Not every plan will be adopted by Ukrainian society. And there can not be any illusions - no newly elected Ukrainian president will be pro-Russian and will not be compromised. Because the Ukrainian people will not give him such an opportunity. Adopt laws on colabarants and amnesty - you can, take a transitional period - you can hold local elections may be a problem. But we will not allow federalization and autonomy. And such "red lines" are getting a lot ", - said Arsen Avakov.

In turn, the special representative of the State Department, Kurt Volker, noted that the goal of the civilized world is to restore Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity.




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