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27  May16:01 A two-day working meeting of rescuers and GIZ representatives in Ukraine took place in Donetsk oblast

The working meetings took place in Donetsk oblast under the project “Support to state and municipal emergency management in Eastern Ukraine” with the participation of representatives of the German Society for International Cooperation Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH and the Deputy Director of the Department - Head of the division of special equipment and special vehicles of the Department of resource support of the SES of Ukraine Oleksandr Vaskovskyi.

18  May08:55 In Donetsk oblast, a seminar-meeting was held by video conference with dispatchers to determine the location of the applicant (object) using the application "what3words"

A seminar meeting on the use of the application to determine the applicant's location was held today via video conference with the developers of the what3words mobile application. According to the developer, the application "what3words" uses a world map consisting of small squares measuring 3 * 3 meters. Each such square has a unique identifier consisting of three words. It was noted that these identifiers are not translations of the same words. What is unique about the application is that the system relies on a fixed algorithm, rather than a large database of every place on earth, it works on devices with limited memory and no Internet connection.

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