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30 November16:45 The SES specialists took part in gender issues trainings

On November 30, as part of the annual Global 16 Days Against Violence Campaign, the SES specialists participated in online trainings on gender issues. Thus, during the training on the basics of overcoming gender-based violence, the expert on gender issues of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) spoke about the historical aspects of the formation of the International Action "16 Days Against Violence". She also introduced the basic concepts related to gender discrimination and noted the legal regulation of issues related to discrimination and violence.

17 November15:29 In Donetsk oblast, SES psychologists conduct training for government employees serving at the Entry-exit checkpoint near the demarcation line

In order to provide first-aid psychological assistance to civilians in the event of a possible threat posed by hostilities, training under the UN Program for Peacebuilding and Reconstruction was launched in Kherson.

15 November15:25 The team of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine is taking part in the First National Cyber Security Hackathon

Starting today, the rescuers support the team of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in the framework of the NATO TIDE security hackathon.

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